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What is the Metaverse?

When Facebook changed its name to “Meta,” The Metaverse became quite the buzzword, but what is it?

Please don’t think for even a second that Facebook (Meta) is the Metaverse or vice versa. The Metaverse has been a concept for quite a while now. Facebook simply renamed itself Meta to try and position itself as an industry leader. 


What Does Metaverse Mean? 

The term “Metaverse” is a way to describe the future of human-technology interaction. It doesn’t refer to any one specific type of technology, but rather an umbrella category for all manner and forms in which this complex shift will take place.

One central element that makes up this Metaverse is virtual realities—persistent digital worlds you can visit at your leisure. Augmented Reality combines aspects from both physical and digital environments into one seamless experience for users

It’s not just about VR or AR, though. These persistent virtual worlds could be accessed through any device, including a PC or game console and also your phone!

The Metaverse will likely even have its own economy where users can create, buy and sell digital products and services. 

The Metaverse is a virtual space with the potential to become as immersive and naturalistic as an actual world

VR, AR, or any combination thereof can be used in this ambitious project that will one day envelop every aspect of our lives, from work to play. Everything around us could soon transform into something digital!

How can your business get a headstart? 

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have been around for a while now. You’re likely familiar with Google Earth and Google Street view. Now imagine showing off your business the same way, but with interactive functionality. 

Show your customers that your company is advanced enough for Metaverse.

If you own a physical retail store, your customers could “walk around” your store virtually using their phone, laptop, or VR goggles, and when they see an item they like, they can click causing an info window to pop up with a “buy now” button. It’s a whole new way to shop online. 

If you are a landscape company, your potential clients can walk around or even fly around your biggest and best projects; they can even toggle between before and after tours. 

If you are a manufacturing company, let your clients and potential clients virtually tour your plant or warehouse from the safety of their laptops or even VR goggles. When they click on an employee, that employee can come to life (video) and explain what that particular machine does and how much care and precision goes into what they do. 

These are just a few examples. There are many more applications, all of which will help set your business apart from your competitors, and when (not if) the Metaverse rolls out full steam, you can confidently say you were doing this BEFORE it was cool.

Step 1

Schedule a time for us to complete a 3D scan of your premesis.

Step 2

Professionally scan all agreed areas and produce a digital twin with agreed features.

Step 3

Email you a simple code to embed the 3D Tour into your website along with any agreed assets.

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