Bringing History to Life: A 360 Virtual Tour of the War Memorials in Indianapolis

In the heart of the COVID-19 pandemic, an opportunity was birthed to revolutionize the way we experience historical landmarks and spaces. A typically bustling Indianapolis was transformed into a silent echo of itself, its hushed streets and public spaces nearly void of human presence. On one of those quiet days, I found myself in downtown Indianapolis, the drone controller in my hand resonating with untapped potential.


With the drone steadily hovering above the American Legion Mall, I saw an incredible panorama open up on my screen: the stark reality of the pandemic era juxtaposed against the timeless majesty of the war memorials. The unique perspective and the eerie absence of people created an image I had never seen before. A subsequent 360° panorama, processed with precision, seemed to freeze a moment in time; a captivating snapshot of Indianapolis during one of the most significant periods in recent history.

But an image, however enchanting, was not enough. Inspired by my wife’s insightful suggestion, I decided to expand the perspective and create a virtual tour of this incredible scene. Armed with a 360° camera, I walked the grounds around the American Legion Mall, capturing each war memorial in rich detail. The resultant virtual tour was a small but potent collection that began from the drone panorama’s bird’s-eye view.

While sharing this novel creation with a close friend, fortune took an exciting turn. As it turned out, my friend was acquainted with the executive director of the Indiana War Memorial Foundation. Intrigued by my work, he proposed sharing the virtual tour with the director. This chance encounter blossomed into an incredible opportunity when the director, profoundly impressed with my work, commissioned me to extend my project. I was asked to include all war memorials and the War Memorial Museum, a chance I relished.

The result is a comprehensive, interactive 360° virtual tour that breathes life into the war memorials of Indianapolis, providing an experience that’s as close as it gets to physically exploring these hallowed grounds. A journey through time and space, this tour offers an immersive, intimate encounter with history that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.


This story demonstrates the transformative power of technology in reshaping our engagement with history. By leveraging the magic of 360° photography, combined with drone technology and immersive virtual tours, we can create engaging, accessible, and unique historical experiences.

As a business, the opportunity to bring your space, your services, or your products to life with immersive 360° virtual tours should not be missed. Whether it’s a museum, a real estate property, a retail store, or a historical landmark, a high-quality virtual tour can engage your audience like never before, offering them an immersive experience that’s the next best thing to being there in person.

Contact me today to discuss how we can bring your vision to life, reshaping your narrative and connecting with your audience in a uniquely engaging way, just as we did with the war memorials in Indianapolis.


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