Harness the potential of 3d/360 virtual reality for your business.

Immersaf Media uses immersive 3D/360 VR technology to bring customers, clients, and students to where they need to be from anywhere in the world.


3D Virtual Tours



Research suggests that more than 50% of adult Internet users depend on virtual tours for research on a regular basis.
Virtual tours make your business stand out and generate interest.
Users are more likely to spend more time exploring what your space has to offer.
In fact, websites with virtual tours are viewed 5-10 longer than those without.



The 70:20:10 model says that 70% of learning comes from experiments opposed to working in a classroom. Therefore, the most effective way to learn is by doing.
VR enables you to create scenarios in which new hires can learn to avoid negative consequences by applying their theoretical knowledge in a virtual environment.
This allows them safely make mistakes and correct their conclusions. Experiential learning is difficult to deliver in many enterprises making the benefits of VR in education and training obvious.

Architectural, Engineering and Construction

Architectural, Engineering and Construction

3D imaging is a reality capture solution for the Architectural, Engineering and Construction industries. Easily capture measurements and visual documentation to track key project milestones and assess project status.
The captured 3D data can be exported as a point cloud or 3D file into any CAD program. Combined with the 3D visuals, the point cloud can then be used to quickly create a BIM for your project.

Facilities Management

Facilities Management

Safely train new employees by giving them access to the 3D walk throughs, which contain the information points they need to learn.
Facilities management teams also gain the benefit of having critical maintenance information, including in-wall documentation, in an easy-to-navigate format, so even small-scale redesigns, store planning, and floor moves are executed to best suit the space.


And take your business to the next level

Highly Immersive with Interactive Features

3D Walkthrough  |  Print-Ready Photography  | Floorplans  |  3D measurements  |  Social Media Videos  |  360° panos  |  HotSpots  |  VR Headset-ready  |  XYZ Point Cloud Data



Print-quality photographs.
4K HDR photos, ready to use for print and digital.



Pro2 Scans can create black and white floorplans with 99% accuracy.

3D Dollhouse

3D Dollhouse

The “Dollhouse View” offers a view of the property unlike any other. See the entire property all at once then switch to “Inside View” for an interactive walkthrough experience. It’s the next best thing to being there.



Hotspots are interactive links which can have embedded images and video or links to external websites, anchoring content with interactive experiences to engage your audience further.


More inbound inquiries

Properties featuring virtual tours receive 65% more inquiries versus those without.


More Phone inquiries

Properties featuring virtual tours experience 95% more phone inquiries.


Homeowners choose agents who use VR

Homeowners are 62% more likely to list their home with a real estate agent who offers VR tour capabilities.


Buyers like to visit virtually

Buyers like the ability to take Virtual house tours before visiting in person.

Case Study

Bringing History to Life: A 360 Virtual Tour of the War Memorials in Indianapolis

In the heart of the COVID-19 pandemic, an opportunity was birthed to revolutionize the way we experience historical landmarks and spaces. A typically bustling Indianapolis was transformed into a silent echo of itself, its hushed streets and public spaces nearly void of human presence. On one of those quiet days, I found myself in downtown Indianapolis, the drone controller in my hand resonating with untapped potential.

War Memorials in Indianapolis

See it in Action

Virtual tours get clicked on 40% more than listings without virtual tours.

Easy to add to your existing website

simply Copy and paste a short line of code to add a 3D tour to your website.


Eric Breon

CEO – Vacasa Rental

“We know that quality photography drives bookings, and now we’re taking that philosophy a step further to provide a fully immersive booking experience.”

Joseph Luster

Joseph Luster AIA, Studio Axis

“From taking us through their process to explaining the benefits of their services, Immersaf is a phenomenal tool to keep in your toolbox. They are easy to work with and very informative- we used them for a façade renovation study and they saved us a few weeks’ worth of work. Not only did they provide a clean detailed model, but the example models provided didn’t show any previous client information, demonstrating the level of client confidentiality they uphold.”

Matt MacDonald

Matt MacDonald AIA, Delv Design

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with Immersaf on several architectural projects. Immersaf has exceeded our expectations in responsiveness, pricing, and quality of product, saving our company time and money. I highly recommend Immersaf for field documentation utilizing laser scanning technology and 3d photo documentation.”

Chris Hagen

Chris Hagen AIA, LEED AP, Partner – StudioAxis

“As an architect, I can’t overstate the value of Immersaf’s Laser Scan to Revit service. They turn complex, old buildings into precise Revit models, saving me heaps of time. Their 360 walkthroughs are also a game-changer, letting us review and understand spaces conveniently and virtually, making collaboration a breeze and eliminating multiple site visits. A must-use service for anyone in architecture or construction!”

Step 1

Schedule a time for us to complete a 3D scan of your premesis.

Step 2

Professionally scan all agreed areas and produce a digital twin with agreed features.

Step 3

Email you a simple code to embed the 3D Tour into your website along with any agreed assets.

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About Me

Matt Crowder

Principle Photographer

I am an Indianapolis based commercial branding photographer.
My firm provides immersive 3D virtual scans/tours to the Real Estate, Hospitality, Commerical Spaces, Insurance Companies, AEC and more.


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